004:: (wax) paper hearts

I don't usually get a lot of time to craft everyday, and when that happens, I try to devote a few minutes to learning new methods and using new materials. I found the idea to make these wax paper hearts from one of Martha Stewart's books (but you can see the same instructions and photos here). Initially, I planned on cutting star shapes instead of hearts, but since my crayons didn't melt as nicely as I thought they would, I settled for the easier-to-cut heart shape.

I'm not sure why mine didn't turn out looking as smooth as the instruction photos. I'm guessing that it's because I used the generic-brand crayons that came with my Hello Kitty mini coloring kit. Or maybe it was because I didn't have my iron on the right setting. I obviously need a lot more practice.

003:: wearable DIY jewelry

Though I've been making jewelry for a while now, I'm never really confident to wear them out in public. I think it's because most of the jewelry I've made has just been beads strung on some stretchy string or clay sculptures glued onto findings. I haven't really dabbled in bigger or metal pieces, which now I think makes a simple DIY look very chic.

All the bracelets I'm wearing are DIY. The middle two were just random beads I had found in my huge box of craft items, and the green and orange macrame were made using this tutorial from Honestly WTF. When I first saw the tutorial, I thought they were cute, but didn't plan on making them until I had to make an emergency trip to the craft store to buy some thread (apparently, I go through a lot). Since it's such a hassle getting to that part of town, I thought I should stop at the clearance section just to see what was on sale.

The metal circles were $0.97 for 5, and the cord was only $3.00 for 5 or 6 different colors. Uhm, no brainer there. The bracelets are surprisingly easy to make, and I whipped up five of them in less than an hour. I admit, I don't wear them as much as my gold or silver bangles or my cuffs, but when I do, I get a lot of compliments, which just intensifies my drive to be better at making my own jewelry. 

002:: book binge

Fox Face bookmarks: available here
I've been on a book binge lately. It's unfortunate that since I graduated last May, I haven't actually been reading as much as I used to, but in the past two weeks or so, I've been burning through books like crazy. Right now, I am juggling three books: Lev Grossman's The Magicians, Catherynne Valente's The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, and Mark Bauerlain's The Dumbest Generation, just to throw in a bit of non-fiction in the mix. 

I was getting tired of having to find my paper bookmarks, so I decided to stop reading and make a few felt bookmarks of my own. I had never seen them in use before, but I went ahead and tried it nonetheless. 

I have to say, these are my favorite items in the shop to date. They stay in place, even when I stick them in my large Mary Poppins-esque purse, and they make my books look adorable. I love that they're thick enough that they don't slip in within the pages of my books, too! I keep a couple of bookmarks in my bag, and even if they get scrunched in the bottom, I just flatten them out when I need them, and they're back to their regular shape! 

001:: Hello, it's me Jamcakes

Hi! I'm Laura, aka Jamcakes.

I've decided to start a craft blog in order to document the items in my shop. Crafting has now become such an integral part of my daily routine. It helps me exercise my creativity, and it also gives me a sense of accomplishment. I try to squeeze in a little bit of crafting everyday. It's tough, especially because I want to be able to squeeze in lots of other things as well, such as reading or making homemade meals, but whenever I end up making something new, I always feel so much better. It's almost like crafting is therapy for me. 

I have a small shop on Etsy where I sell simple but very cute accessories and gifts. My aesthetic is very much influenced by the Japanese anime characters and manga I grew up with as well as the bold, colorful comic book characters that I cannot seem to get enough of, even now. I translate all these into bows, jewelry, and other small accessories. I mostly work with felt and cloth, but I also love working with clay and metal. 

When I'm not crafting, I like to cook, read, or blog about what I wear here. I like to keep busy.