001:: Hello, it's me Jamcakes

Hi! I'm Laura, aka Jamcakes.

I've decided to start a craft blog in order to document the items in my shop. Crafting has now become such an integral part of my daily routine. It helps me exercise my creativity, and it also gives me a sense of accomplishment. I try to squeeze in a little bit of crafting everyday. It's tough, especially because I want to be able to squeeze in lots of other things as well, such as reading or making homemade meals, but whenever I end up making something new, I always feel so much better. It's almost like crafting is therapy for me. 

I have a small shop on Etsy where I sell simple but very cute accessories and gifts. My aesthetic is very much influenced by the Japanese anime characters and manga I grew up with as well as the bold, colorful comic book characters that I cannot seem to get enough of, even now. I translate all these into bows, jewelry, and other small accessories. I mostly work with felt and cloth, but I also love working with clay and metal. 

When I'm not crafting, I like to cook, read, or blog about what I wear here. I like to keep busy.

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