006:: I don't wanna regret never even trying.

It's been a really difficult year for me.

Last year, after I graduated in May, I set out to look for a job that would utilize the skills I had worked so hard to hone in graduate school. I haven't been lucky. 

Now, I can posit that the reason for my underemployment is the crappy state of the economy, or the undervaluing of a liberal arts education, or perhaps the misfortune of living in the middle of nowhere.  I can also blame society for the pressure it bears down on the importance of a career as the measure of one's success in life. And I did. I spent many hours juggling economic theories on productivity, statistics on the rate of employment as it related to specific areas of specialization, and articles about the value of college and postgraduate degrees. I thought about how all these were related to each other and how changes in our culture about education may have influenced where I am now. And I came up with lots of ideas, but in the end, all this worrying and idea-conjuring just made me miserable.  

So, I decided that instead of worrying for the perfect job to come along, why not at least try to make that perfect job for myself? 

I am giddy with excitement as I type this. I've decided to spend more time focusing on my etsy shop, and I'll be launching tons of newly-made Fall items starting next week. You'll see some popular items return to the shop and some new designs too, I hope!

I've been reading up on different ways to operate small businesses and I am taking the plunge to try some of those ideas. I know it will be hard work, but I am willing to try to pursue something that I am passionate about, even though I didn't go to school for that. It's not just physically hard for me to do this, but also psychologically since the stigma of not having an academic position or one that has an actual recognizable title still nags on me sometimes. But it's exciting. And definitely worth a shot.

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  1. Laura, this is uber-inspiring! I am so happy that you've decided to take this plunge. I know how much courage that takes because it's scary to carve your own way through things. Cath and I always wished we had wanted to be doctors because the path is so clear. Doing anything in a creative field is always fraught with vagary and often met with skepticism. I can't wait to hear and see more that you do -- it totally inspires me to try to be more brave in my "un"career choices.