008:: touchy thing, repricing is

In the past weeks, while researching about ways on how to improve my shop, I've often come across the issue of pricing merchandise. When I first opened my shop back in November, I planned on selling items that were both quality-made and affordable. I kept cost low by trying to get my supplies as cheaply as possible and completely neglecting to include labor costs in the final price. I saw my shop as more of a hobby and very rarely, if even, factored in how much time I was spending making items, taking photos of my wares, editing them, and marketing.

Because I was treating my shop like a hobby, I think a lot of people thought I wasn't taking my shop seriously. For instance, I originally priced this galaxy bow at $3.00, but after calculating the true costs, I should really be selling it for at least $4.00 in order to make a profit and cover the maintenance of my sewing machine and other materials like thread, needles, and such.

Along with changing the prices of my items to include skilled labor costs and overhead costs, I've also started to edit my photographs to make them all look uniform and share a common motif/theme. Hopefully within the next couple months I will be able to get matching business cards and new packaging, which is always exciting for me. 

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  1. You sell such adorable things. It's a good thing you changed your prices, you need to make some profit from everything you sell. It seems like you work really hard, you deserve it :)