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Sly Pete Fox Plushies

I was planning on getting a lot of sewing done this weekend, but due to an impromptu-best-friend-visiting adventure, everything was set aside for a moment, and I don't regret not stepping into my sewing room all weekend one bit.

But it's back to sewing today, and boy do I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm really behind on listing and such because I was betting on getting photos of all the scarves I've made over the weekend. Though I'm bummed that that'll have to wait, I'm secretly glad that it didn't happen anyway since it's been blistering hot for the past three or four days already. It would have been murder donning a scarf even for a few minutes.

What I HAVE been working on is editing my photos for listing. Though I never thought I would take to it, I really do quite like a clean, plain white background that showcases my items. I don't have a fancy setup for taking photos like this, and my house walls are cream-colored, so I make do with sheets of white paper and a lot of lighting to get the effect I like.

I've also started adding little cute phrases to my listings, and they're mostly what I think about the items themselves while I'm making or taking pictures of them. I chose this lovely font-- The Only Exception-- which is also the same font I'm employing for my shop banner. I am trying to get a more unified look for the shop, which means revamping my business cards and packaging, something I am really excited but also afraid to do since I have next to no experience in graphic design. But it's a challenge, and those really fuel me!  Happy Monday!

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