010:: Pictures paint a thousand words

original photo

after editing
Last post, I talked a bit about how I've been recently editing my photos before listing. In the 10 months that I've been on Etsy, I've learned a lot about how to make my wares look prettier. I used to just take a photo of them against any flat surface I could find. First, I took photos of them on top of my work desk:

I thought at the time that photographed like this, my wares looked fine, but since my desk was really tiny, I couldn't take photos of my scarves or other larger items. Then I thought that having my products against cuter backgrounds would work better. So I started photographing them against different fabrics with adorable backgrounds:

The problem with this is that the backgrounds kept on competing with my items for the viewer's attention. There was simply too much going on in each picture, and I needed to only showcase my items.

I like photographing during the daytime when there is a lot of natural light available, since it's the best. The first picture with the sleeping deer is what I usually end up with using my not-so-fancy point and shoot camera. I tweak it a bit using GIMP, and it usually takes me less than two minutes to fix them up so they look like how they actually do in real life.

My editing is very simple, but I feel that it works better now with my aesthetic and with my shop. I start with the image and brighten it up until the background is a true white. Depending on how much light there was to begin with, I may have to play with the contrast and such. Then, I add my little blurb in the bottom, and voila-- a perfect picture. 


  1. I think that your pieces look great with your new photography skills. The lighting is fantastic -- bright without being overdone. The colors pop.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. What cute items! I love this! your editing is very nice!

  3. aww these are so cute! I think it's better to keep the editing simple because it shows off your designs more!