013:: Cutting costs on packaging

A huge goal of mine for the shop is to provide affordable and  quality items. A huge way in which I've managed to keep my costs down is by scrimping on how I package my wares. I've bought many an item from small businesses wrapped in layers and layers of exquisite fabric, tissue papers, or ribbon. Lots of sellers use pretty bags, wrapping paper, and professionally-done stickers too. And I am definitely not against that. It's lovely to open a package and find a beautiful present waiting for you to savor it.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I make sure that the way I package my goods is also appealing. I love the idea of wrapping them up so the buyer can open it like they would a gift. I do, however, also want to make sure that the buyer knows they're purchasing handmade items, and how I package reflects that homemade style.

I've recently run out of tags that I use to label my pins and bows. Initially, I used a bunch of construction paper I had lying around because it was there, and it was free. I invested in a small stamp kit with my shop name on it, and made around 200 tags using that. Because I hand-cut and hand-stamped each label, they all looked slightly different from each other. And I really liked the message that sent out.

In the above picture, you see the current tags I'm using. I recently scored (for free) rolls and rolls of medium-weight navy paper. The paper itself is textured with stripes on one side, which gives it a bit more dimension. I immediately thought to use gold for my shop name, and I found a neglected bottle of gold craft paint, looking lonely in my paint bin.

A couple of hours later while watching You've Got Mail, I had 250+ labels scallop-cut and stamped, and I didn't even need to leave my house for supplies.

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