014:: Real-life inspiration is Real, Yo.

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This kissing deer necklace is one of , if not my number 1, favorite piece I've ever made for the shop. The idea for the necklace spurred from a slightly embarrassing point in my relationship with my then-boyfriend, now husband, (prepare to gag) when we named each of our kisses. I had once rubbed the tip of my nose against his and declared it our "deer nuzzling kiss." It stuck, and now, here it is made tangible.

I've switched to using a different kind of felt, which I purchase from other etsy sellers, (If you're curious, email me, and I can give you a list of some sellers) and I have to admit: I can't go back to regular eco-felt. I now use a blend of eco-felt and actual wool, and the end material is much sturdier and easier to sew with. I really recommend it. 


  1. so cuuuuuute~


  2. This is so adorable. You are so wonderfully crafty.