015:: Matryoshka Ornaments

The days have been flying by here in Chateau de Worldly Delights!  I've been extremely occupied making tons of pre-ordered Matryoshka doll ornaments. You may not think it, but these little cuties take a long while to create. But I'm really happy to be stitching away. It's quite relaxing for me, and while doing so, I get to listen to podcasts and radio shows.

I can't believe I only just discovered Ask Me Another, a puzzle game show on NPR. I'm kind've glad that I did, though, because now I have tons of episodes to listen to while I'm sewing!

I also can't believe that it's already October. Just a couple more months before Christmas! After I get done with this huge order of ornaments, I'll be sure to stock up some for the shop, but if you want to snag yourself some without waiting for them to be listed, let me know

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