019:: pin me


I finally finished off the huge pile of felt that I've accumulated over the years. Instead of heading out to the closest craft store to replenish my supplies, I decided to up the quality of my wares by upping the quality of the felt that I work with.

I am happy to announce that as of today, all my felt goods will be made of a softer, sturdier, smoother felt than the ecofelt ones you normally find in huge retail stores. The new felt I use is made of a blend of wool and synthetic fibers, and comes in a huge array of colors. Even more exciting than that, I now exclusively buy my felt from other Etsy sellers! 

There are still items for sale in the store that are made of ecofelt or a combination of ecofelt and wool felt. During this transition period, all items made with wool felt will have a little blurb on the description about materials, which is not a problem because I can't get over how soft and silky this wool felt feels! I am in love with it.

Leave it to me to gush over something as silly as felt.  

018:: Foxes in Bandit Masks

Bandit Fox Keychain
Can you guess where the idea for this fox keychain came from? Fantastic Mr. Fox of course! In fact, I think the whole reason I am enamored with foxes is because of that amazing movie. And now, I just want to plop on the couch and watch the movie.

In actuality, I've had a bandit fox design planned out for months now, but when I first made it, I wasn't too pleased with how the mask had come out. Plus, back then, my stitches were still a bit uneven and messy. Fast forward 6 or so months later, and voila-- a perfectly adorable rascal who will steal your heart away. 

017:: my workspace

I live in an itty bitty house, and I was able to convince my sweet husband to give me the small second bedroom as a workspace. I initially used this room as my mini library and office when I was writing my thesis last year, but then after all that, I decided I needed more "me" space.

Right now, half of this room (not pictured) is comprised of my clothing and accessories area. The other half is my desk where I sew, blog, edit photos, embroider, write letters, do accounts, etc. I store all my wares in a shelf close to most of the fabrics I've accumulated throughout the past couple years. I often wonder when I'll actually get to use it all...

Behind my desk, I set up a small work table where I pack goods, cut up fabrics (much more space!) and draw up patterns of my creations.

Though my work area isn't as pristine as those featured in articles, I love working in it. I can spend hours and hours in my room, listening to music whilst dreaming up cute ideas. I love the superhero posters and commissions I've hung up on the walls. I love the bits and bobs of materials and decor sprinkled all over the place. It's a space I feel safe and welcome in. It's a place to call my own.  

016:: Fall and Halloween-Themed Goodies

Feel that crisp chill in the air? See the beautiful tones painting the trees? Smell the warm and spicy aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin? Autumn is here. Match it with these cute Fall and Halloween-themed delights!

Pumpkin Matryoshka Keyring// Cutify your keys or zipper loops with this dreaming Matryoshka doll keyring. The warm colors of her dress and hair and the cinnamon brown accents remind me of a pumpkin!

Falling Leaves Pin// Make a statement and wear it. This wee Matryoshka doll pin is completely hand stitched, down to the very last leaf.

Pretty Skull Bow// Skulls are pretty chic. Wear these pretty (not scary) skulls in your hair!

Batty Bow// This bow is both batty and starry.

Black Cat Pin// A cute black cat can only bring you good luck. Pin this darling on anything that needs added charm.

Of course, I also have a bevy of scarves to choose from!