017:: my workspace

I live in an itty bitty house, and I was able to convince my sweet husband to give me the small second bedroom as a workspace. I initially used this room as my mini library and office when I was writing my thesis last year, but then after all that, I decided I needed more "me" space.

Right now, half of this room (not pictured) is comprised of my clothing and accessories area. The other half is my desk where I sew, blog, edit photos, embroider, write letters, do accounts, etc. I store all my wares in a shelf close to most of the fabrics I've accumulated throughout the past couple years. I often wonder when I'll actually get to use it all...

Behind my desk, I set up a small work table where I pack goods, cut up fabrics (much more space!) and draw up patterns of my creations.

Though my work area isn't as pristine as those featured in articles, I love working in it. I can spend hours and hours in my room, listening to music whilst dreaming up cute ideas. I love the superhero posters and commissions I've hung up on the walls. I love the bits and bobs of materials and decor sprinkled all over the place. It's a space I feel safe and welcome in. It's a place to call my own.  


  1. cute workspace! :))
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  2. I'm a little jealous of your room! I can't wait till the boyf realizes that we need a day bed in our guest room not a full bed so I can have space for my crafting stuff!