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I finally finished off the huge pile of felt that I've accumulated over the years. Instead of heading out to the closest craft store to replenish my supplies, I decided to up the quality of my wares by upping the quality of the felt that I work with.

I am happy to announce that as of today, all my felt goods will be made of a softer, sturdier, smoother felt than the ecofelt ones you normally find in huge retail stores. The new felt I use is made of a blend of wool and synthetic fibers, and comes in a huge array of colors. Even more exciting than that, I now exclusively buy my felt from other Etsy sellers! 

There are still items for sale in the store that are made of ecofelt or a combination of ecofelt and wool felt. During this transition period, all items made with wool felt will have a little blurb on the description about materials, which is not a problem because I can't get over how soft and silky this wool felt feels! I am in love with it.

Leave it to me to gush over something as silly as felt.  

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  1. I think that's great! I'm tired if the felt you find in big retailers as well.