023:: ornamental

fox ornament set
matryoshka ornament set
narwhal ornament set
owl ornaments
bunny ornament set
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Let these darling little ornaments adorn your tree this holiday season!

As always, I use quality felt that's a blend of wool and synthetic fibers. The felt is so much softer and sturdier than regular ecofelt that you can find in large craft stores. I support other Etsy sellers and small businesses by buying my supplies from them.

Of course, I accept custom orders. Just email me to check what colors and styles are available! :)

022:: Happy Shop-aversary!

One year ago, I opened my shop on Etsy. And I have lots to be grateful for. Here's a little something to celebrate these happy days :)

021:: Cupcake Bunnies on Parade

cupcake bunny keychains:: get them here!
Aren't they sweet? These little cupcake bunnies are sure to cutify any old set of keys! You can use them as zipper charms as well and adorn your bags, your hoodies, or anything that has a loop!

In other news, I've been concentrating on getting the shop stocked up for the holiday season, but it's proving to be harder than I thought especially when all I want to do is cuddle in a couch, cover myself with blankets, and sip Lady Grey tea while reading comic books. But I must be vigilant! 

020:: Matryoshka Madness

Buy them here

Whenever I go supply shopping, I tend to purchase a few yards of fabric whether I need to or not. And since I've decided a few weeks back that I won't be making bows to sell anymore, I have scads of cloth just waiting to be used. That's a good thing because these Matryoshka plushes need lots of shawl options to  showcase each of their personalities and style. 

These little plushes can be used as decor to brighten up an office space, a bookshelf, or a nursery. They're also great as toys or mini pillows for little pets and tots. I've also used these plushes as pin cushions to keep me from losing my pins and needles. 

Because 100% of these dolls are handsewn, I spend a lot of time looking at them and thinking about what their names are and what their favorite pastimes or foods are. It's a lot of fun molding a personality while making these darlings. It makes me feel so much closer to the products of my craft.