022:: Happy Shop-aversary!

One year ago, I opened my shop on Etsy. And I have lots to be grateful for. Here's a little something to celebrate these happy days :)


  1. Wow! happy shop-aversary! really, congrats. i know how hard it is to stick with something, sometimes, so well done. a year is a long time! also, i've heard with new businesses, the first two years are the hardest. i'll have to pop in to your shop again sometime! so sweet of you to offer 10% off as a special :) your items are so darling.

    it's nice having you visit my blog. thanks so much again for coming by. how have you been, dear? hope all is well.

    xox, amber

  2. Congrats! Website is so cute, will get stuff for xmas!

    Check out my blog if you can, can follow eachother


    xox Kelly