032:: Lately...

Things have been a little quiet over here at Casa de Worldly Delights. I think the Winter has finally caught up with me, and I'm having a hard time melting from my frozen state these days. Most days have just been spent doing accounts, cleaning up, planning new items, and tying up loose ends. I try to sneak in some reading, baking, playing video games, and cuddling with my pets (and husband!) too, though. So, all in all, though I'm being quite lethargic, everything is peachy.

I'm planning to get back to work in the next few days, so expect a lot of new Valentine's stuff up in the shop soon! 

031:: a heartfelt thank you

I just wanted to write a quick post thanking everybody who celebrated with me yesterday. My birthday sale was a HUGE success, and I'm so excited for everyone to get their handmade goodies! I am spending the rest of today processing orders and packing, and also sticking in a bit of more celebration here and there. 

Thank you, again, everyone! 

Hugs and lots of ♥, 


030:: Big Big Birthday Bash!

Only three more days before my big birthday sale! And I mean HUGE. During my birthday sale, for 24 hours, you can get everything in my shop for 50% with the code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY . I can't take reservations or custom orders during this time, so make sure you get there early! 

I've been listing a lot of new items, so there are a lot of items to choose from. I'll be constantly listing during the weekend too, so keep on checking and "heart-ing" to save your favorites for easy access. 

029:: Charmed

I've been busy stocking up for the upcoming sale! Now you can get felt charms for your smart phone! They're attached to dustplug attachments, so they fit most smart phones. I'm having a special sale on the heart charms until the end of the month-- they're only $6.00 instead of $8.00!

027:: This year is gonna be SUPER

I present: The Fashionable Femmes.

Five extraordinarily feisty crime-fighting superheroines who patrol the streets and fight for justice, while looking cute. From left to right:

Lizzie- day job: fashion designer. Loves classic cartoons, doodling, persimmons.
Lorna- day job: graphic artist. Loves baking, boardgames, kittens, green juice.
Juliette- day job: flower shop owner. Loves flowers, coffee, Chinese takeout.
Tori- day job: baker. Loves shopping, writing letters, going to the circus, chocolate chip cookies.
Adelie- day job: bookish academic. Loves pretty dresses, comic books, chocolate milk.